USS Standing Bear

The Athegan Rift was probably the most contentious place in the entire Inconnu Expanse. Six major worlds engaged in labrynthian politics, terror tactics, and financial blackmail all beneath an outward appearance of civility and manners. And all of them held in check by the military prowess of Kethir. It was a crazy system but it worked until Kethir turned on its Echo Papa defense system.

Things got ugly quick. Finally, a truce was declared, built on a gossamer web of mistrust and lies that goes back over a thousand years, and the result was Athegan Station. Built to Federation specifications, the station was intended as a gift … neutral ground … and for the Federation, a chance to help these worlds on their path to lasting peace.

The USS Standing Bear is ordered into the rift on a complex mission of exploration, diplomacy, and evaulation of the worlds that are suing for membership. Not an easy job when you throw in the Dyavek Hon, home-grown terrorists with their own agenda, pirates who seek to strip the rift of its vast resources, alien ruins that everyone wants access to, and oh yeah, there’s that wormhole.

The USS Standing Bear is a Star Trek simulation (Roddenbery not Abrams) that focuses on the lives and adventures of the crew of an Insignia Class vessel tasked with a difficult (some might say nearly impossible) job. Interested parties are encouraged and welcome to submit an application (a sample post is required). This is a relatively fast paced sim so take that into account. Should the action stall (ever been stuck writing in a transporter room for a real-time month while everyone gathered?), actions will occur to shake things up. So take a look around, drop by and visit us on Discord, and if you are looking for a new adventure, send in your bio.

Most Needed Positions:

  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Chief Engineer
  • Chief Security/Tactical

We don’t have an Executive Officer as yet. If you’re interested in that position, experience is preferred and there will be an interview first.

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