USS Venture

Following the Battle of Kodama Nebula, the Venture is docked at Faltan Station undergoing extensive repairs brought about by Romulan weapons and recovering from the staggering loss of life. As the ship heals and re-crews, Captain Perin, and Commander Sinara receive new orders for their aging but sturdy ship.

The USS Venture is being reassigned to the Cardassian Border region as part of the regular rotation, the once the lawless frontier of the Alpha Quadrant, has since the Dominion War has become one of the most prosperous centers of trade and diplomacy in the Federation. Diplomacy, intrigue and the good old fashioned – ‘will they stab us in the back again? ‘ scenarios become the new daily grind for the intrepid crew.

The conference between Bajoran, Cardassian and Dominion delegates has been bombed. The Bajoran Ambassador is dead, the Captain injured and ships in space are ready to begin firing on each other. The crew scrambles to stop a small skirmish from becoming an all out war.

The USS Venture is a Play by Nova simm set in the year 2389. Events taking place following Star Trek Nemesis and a slightly divergent Bravo Fleet and Task Force 93 canon. We currently have openings for:

Chief Medical Officer
Chief Counselor
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Assistant Chief Engineer

If you’re interested in joining, please visit the website or contact the Command Team for further information. We also have a discord you can join and get to know the crew a bit:

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