What is Happening on the Frontier?

For the past year the greatest threat to the Federation in the Gamma Quadrant seemed to come from within, however mysterious events at the edge of explored space once again imply the existence of a much larger threat. One that the Starfleet forces tasked with our protection are disturbingly silent about.

Over the course of the past eight months, reports have come in from various shipping companies that ships they had sent went missing with no trace left. Now, the frontiers of explored space are dangerous and piracy remains rampant as the focus of Task Force 9 on the Consortium and the recent rapid expansion has left it both distracted and undermanned to protect the entire region. Piracy does not however explain reports from colonies about strange readings on long distance sensors and even sources among the Karemma, Dosi and Dominion reporting attacks on their ships. Including military ones. Even Starfleet does not appear unaffected with New Bajor staying silent on the whereabouts of the USS Black Hawk. One of the capital ships of the Task Force that has made no contact since a mission near the Finnean Convergence Zone.

A high ranking officer, on the condition of anonymity, also revealed that the USS Scorpio, the largest ship currently in Task Force 9, has been sent on an emergency mission to Omega Centauri. A colony holding 6,000 civilians and a minor Marine detachment.

I have requested an official statement from both the Task Force Commanding Officer and the Task Force Executive Officer as well as the Media Relations Office of Task Force 9 but all have refused to respond to these cases, stating instead that they cannot comment on ongoing military affairs.

The Federation citizens of the Gamma Quadrant have a right to know what is going on and if they are safe. If Starfleet cannot guarantee the safety of Federation citizens, it must halt expansion efforts until it can.

Samuel Bernstein
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